Sheldon BACTRON I Anaerobic Environmental Chamber

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Sheldon BACTRON I Anaerobic Environmental Chamber

  • Wheeled table stand
  • Gast 0523 pump
  • 100 plate capacity incubator
  • 5 cu.ft. workspace
  • 90-day warranty

The BACTRON I is an ideal anaerobic environmental chamber for first-time users. With a 12.5 cu.ft. workspace and a 100-plate capacity incubator, this unit is perfect for users who are looking to upgrade their current anaerobic chamber or as an economic set-up for a larger lab. It is designed to allow efficient and dexterous glove-free handling and inspection of samples. It is a total anaerobic process workstation that provides complete anaerobic environments for all your applications.

When sitting undisturbed at a steady state, a BACTRON typically rests at lower than 4.7 parts per million oxygen in the workspace chamber.

BACTRON systems have an airtight construction of stainless steel and rigid acrylic glass for unobstructed vision and integrity. The cuffs form a comfortable seal around the operator’s arms permitting bare hand manipulation of plates and specimens inside the working chamber, making work more comfortable and efficient.

The chamber is constructed of heavy-duty stainless-steel components to ensure chamber integrity and longevity. The modular systems within the BACTRON anaerobic chamber facilitate the completion of procedures from unpacking material to inoculation, incubation, inspection, and recovery—all with zero exposure to oxygen.

The BACTRON anaerobic chambers provide temperature control between ambient +5 to 70°C. It offers precise oxygen control ranging from 1% to 20% for microaerophilic bacteriology and hypoxic tissue or cell culture applications.

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Sheldon BACTRON I Anaerobic Environmental Chamber- specifications

Exterior dimensions 49”W x 32”D x 27.6”H
Chamber dimensions 33”W x 29”D x 25”H

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