Erlab Captair Flex S321 Ductless Fume Hood

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Erlab Captair Flex S321 Ductless Fume Hood

  • Model 6963601
  • Tempered glass work surface
  • Filters not included
  • 90-day warranty

The Captair Flex filtering fume hood guarantees that you are protected when working with chemicals that pose an inhalation risk for the user. It features an air flow meter, flow monitor, internal lighting, sampling port, programmable timer, energy ports, and chemical listing.

The fume hood functions based on the recirculation of filtered air, which makes it possible to use high-efficiency filters to trap toxic particles and molecules and to recycle this air within the laboratory. The air downstream from the hood’s modular filtration column, which uses the Flex technology, is thus free of all chemical pollutants.

By combining molecular and particulate filtration technologies, Erlab was able to devise the new Flex modular filtration column technology. This single device can thus be configured to meet the protection needs of your laboratory. This flexibility was made possible by creating stackable, one-size-fits-all filtration cartridges—an innovation that is key to your new Captair Flex. This innovation developed by the Erlab R&D laboratory offers unprecedented flexibility, adaptability, and savings. Your device can be quickly reconfigured and can be easily used for other applications.

Ductwork air balance is essential to the proper operation of a traditional ducted fume hood, however; it is also the source of very important energy consumption. In fact, Captair Flex filtered enclosures do not generate any energy costs associated with the use of expensive extraction systems or conditioned air supplies. Operational costs remain at a minimum even when taking into account filter changes.

Captair Flex filtered enclosures can be moved depending on the protection needs of the laboratory and can be easily relocated without disturbing room air balance.

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Erlab Captair Flex S321 Ductless Fume Hood – Specifications

Exterior dimensions 30.75W x 24.43”D x 50.56”H
Air flow 135 CFM


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