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Caron Reach-in CO2 Incubator with Wheaton 5-Tier Roller Apparatus

  • Caron model 7403-25-1
  • Wheaton model R2P 2.0
  • 25 Cubic foot capacity
  • Temperature range: 20°C to 60°C
  • 90-day warranty

Caron cell roller-ready CO2 incubators are ideal for scale-up production of monolayer cell cultures and other large-scale cell culture applications with roller apparatus. This reach-in CO2 incubator is designed specifically for use with cell roller apparatus and is supplied with an easy-to-use ramp for roller installation. Warm rooms are commonly used to perform cell production runs with roller bottles, however, these basic rooms limit production output mainly due to lack of control of pH. Caron’s  application-specific design provides precise and evenly distributed temperature and CO2 so production capacity is maximized. Our incubators have an ergonomic design and take up a minimal footprint, making them well suited for many laboratory and production facility scenarios.

These CO2 incubators are ready for use with a cell roller inside, making them ideal for facilities that need setup flexibility and versatility. They come with a cell roller ramp for easy cell roller installation inside the incubator.

Cell cultures always receive evenly distributed airflow, temperature control and CO2. Tight temperature control is always maintained with the built-in cooling system, equipped to handle cell roller heat loads.

The Wheaton R2P 2.0 model has a robust and clearly visible touch screen interface with readily recognized icons for intuitive navigation and capable of remote interface and monitoring through SCADA systems. Bottom mounted control units enable easier operation by hand and are ideal for floor-mounted connections. The modular spacing at 7.125” between each rack, is designed to provide sufficient room between the racks for ease of handling and manipulation of the bottles. Choice of standard model with digital display control or R2P 2.0 model with color touch screen interface.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test incubators using a calibrated digital chart recorder to verify the accuracy of temperature controls and readouts. We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all incubators thoroughly prior to shipment.

The photos above are representative. Please bear in mind that the equipment shown is currently in storage in our warehouse and that in addition to testing each machine we will clean all the equipment thoroughly prior to shipment. We often have multiple units of each model in stock and sometimes we're unable to feature photos of every single unit. At your request, we can provide photos of the equipment in your order after it has been tested and cleaned.

Caron Reach-in CO2 Incubator with Wheaton 5-Tier Roller Apparatus - Specifications

Exterior dimensions 35.5”W x 33.3”D x 77.1”H
Interior dimensions 32”W x 27”D x 52.5”H
Incubator capacity 25 cubic feet
Temperature range 20°C to 60°C
CO2 range 0 to 20%
Roller apparatus capacity 5 decks, 25 positions
Incubator electrical requirements 115VAC, 60Hz
Total shipping weight 815 lbs


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