1313B CENTRI Thermo Shandon Cytospin4

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Thermo Shandon CytoSpin 4 cytocentrifuge

  • Speed range: 200 – 2000 rpm
  • Maximum capacity: 24 samples in 12 chambers
  • Memory capacity for 9 programs 
  • Programmable acceleration speeds
  • 90 day warranty

The Thermo Shandon Cytospin 4 can be used for hematology, rheumatology, oncology, microbiology, virology, and immunochemistry and provides economical thin-layer preparations from any liquid matrix, especially hypocellular fluids such as spinal fluid and urine. The carefully controlled centrifugation of the Shandon Cytospin 4 allows users to separate and deposit a thin layer of cells on slides while maintaining cellular integrity. It produces better cell capture and good representation of all cell types present in homogeneous liquid samples. Users can processes 12 specimens at one time with the Cytospin 4. The redesigned lid-release mechanism allows for one-handed opening and closing of the outer lid for easy access. As an added safety measure, the Shandon Cytospin 4 will only operate when the lid is locked into position. 

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The lid remains locked at all times during rotation. The polycarbonate window allows operators to see the sealed head during cytocentrifugation. Excellent safety design prevents accidental fluid spillage from damaging the mechanical or electronic components and allows for easy disinfecting. A pull-out program card allows for up to nine programs to be logged for fast and convenient retrieval.

The Thermo Shandon Cytospin 4 employs centrifugal force to isolate and set down a monolayer of cells on slides while still preserving cellular integrity. This centrifuge spins microtitre strips, up to 24 samples in 12 chambers. A memory feature allows units to input up to 9-programs as well as programmable acceleration speeds to help protect certain cell types. As it spins, a monolayer of cells within a clearly defined area and the cytofunnels prevent cell loss.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test the performance of all centrifuges and make sure the rotating assembly is properly balanced; the bearings, seals and gaskets on the spindle assembly are in good shape; and the controls work properly. If the centrifuge is refrigerated we also test to make sure that the machine reaches and hold temperature properly. All tolerances are measured and the exterior and interior of all units are fully cleaned.  If the unit is being purchased with a rotor we test the rotor/centrifuge combination together.